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Non-contact Automatic Soap Dispenser

Non-contact Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Presenting Our Automatic Soap Dispenser That Is Non-contact! 🛁👥

Our cutting-edge automated soap dispenser offers the utmost in convenience and hygienic conditions. This is why it's revolutionary:

✨ Touchless Operation: An infrared sensor in our dispenser administers the right amount of soap automatically, preventing the need for touch and guaranteeing hygienic hand hygiene.

✨ Adaptable Use: This dispenser works with any kind of liquid soap or foam and may be used in a variety of locations, such as restrooms, kitchens, and public areas.

✨ Chic Design: Our dispenser's sleek, contemporary design adds a sense of elegance to your environment while matching any interior theme.

Improved Foam Technology: With a gas to liquid ratio of 12:1, this dispenser efficiently covers the surface of your skin, leaving your hands feeling clean and revitalised.

Large Capacity: Our dispenser has a 280ml capacity that allows it to be refilled 500 times, providing enough water for the entire family to last for up to 50 days.

✨ Quick and Accurate: With a 0.25s high-speed foaming mechanism and a 3-6cm sensor range, this dispenser provides soap in a prompt and precise manner.

✨ Built-in Battery: Our dispenser has a powerful 1200mAh lithium battery that powers it smoothly and safely. It can be charged simply using a USB connection.

✨ Waterproof and Sturdy: Our dispenser is safe to use in sinks, toilets, and other damp areas because it is made to handle damp conditions.

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