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Ceramic Butter Dish Set

Ceramic Butter Dish Set

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Our Ceramic Butter Dish Set is now available! 🧈🍞

With this adorable Ceramic Butter Dish Set, your eating experience will be enhanced! 🌼

🎨 Butter Box CollectionThis charming set is from our limited-edition Butter Box collection, which is meant to add refinement to any eating space. 🌼

🍽️ Type of Product: Butter BoxDesigned to be practical and fashionable, this Butter Dish Set is a must-have for every kitchen. 🍴

🏺 Made of ceramicOur butter dish is made of high-quality ceramic, which guarantees both elegance and durability. 💪

🌼 Fashion: WesternBring a touch of Western elegance into your kitchen with this stylish and useful butter dish set. 🤠

🔵 Form: RoundWith its classic circular design, this butter dish looks great on any table. 🔄

📏 Dimensions: 16–16.9 cm in diameterGenerous in size to easily fit your preferred spreads! 📐

📦 ✔️ Wooden Lid * 1✔️ Butter Knife * 1✔️ Ceramic Butter Box * 1This Ceramic Butter Dish Set offers the ideal balance of refinement and usefulness. Get yours now to add a little sophistication to every mealtime! 🥂

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