Privacy Policy

🧼 Welcome to, the one-stop shop for anything soap-related! 🤼 In addition to offering you premium soap goods, we at take pride in protecting your privacy as though it were our own exclusive formula. Now take a seat comfortably, make a lather with your preferred soap, and let's discuss privacy!

🔍 What Type of Data Do We Gather?
Let's go right to the point. First things first. We might gather some information from your visit to in order to better serve you and customise your experience. Your name, email address, shipping address (because who doesn't love receiving soap delivered right to their door?) and browsing history on our website may be among the information we collect.

🛡️ How Are Your Details Used by Us?
You may be confident that we will protect your personal information! We use it to handle orders, customise your online shopping experience, send you promotional emails and sudsy updates (only if you agree to receive them), and enhance our website in response to comments and user interactions.

Safeguarding Your Personal Data
Since protecting your privacy is our first concern, we take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of your information. We securely store your data on our servers and safeguard it during transfer using industry-standard encryption techniques. Furthermore, without your permission, we never, ever sell or share your information with outside parties. I swear, I swear!

🚀 Your Decisions, Your Power
We at think it's important to give you the freedom of choice. We provide you the ability to manage your information, so that if you ever choose to break up with us—though we will be sorry to see you go—you can update your preferences, unsubscribe from messages, and delete your account.

🔍 Cookies—A Different Kind from Chocolate Chips
Indeed, cookies are used on our website. They're not the kind you can dunk in milk, so don't worry. These cookies are little data files that we use to monitor page traffic and enhance your surfing experience. You can adjust your browser's cookie settings, but be aware that certain parts of the website might not function properly if cookies are disabled.

Modifications to This Policy
We might occasionally need to amend this privacy statement as the soap industry changes—we promise it's more interesting than it seems!). Rest assured, though, that you will always be informed of any changes and given the chance to examine and approve them.

🤝 Let's Maintain Contact
Please contact our helpful customer service team at any time if you have any queries, worries, or simply want to talk about your favourite soap scents. We are always available to you!

Soap enthusiasts, we appreciate you entrusting us with your privacy! Now go ahead and peruse with impeccable cleanliness!